3D three-dimensional scanner | cost | pictures Three-dimensional scanner

3D three-dimensional scanner | cost | pictures Three-dimensional scanner

Product description:

Universal Series three-dimensional scanner, especially for complex surfaces, soft objects or mold, sample, workpiece measurement and inspection easy to wear.


• object to obtain a three-dimensional shape information, such as three-dimensional measurement, three-dimensional mapping, three-dimensional scanning, three-dimensional digital-analog archives, multimedia content creation;
• product design and development, such as CAD design, digital processing, reverse engineering, reverse engineering;
• three-dimensional inspection, such as CAV and CAE analysis

Technical Parameters

1, precision

- Accuracy of the detection method for measuring test VDI / VDE2634 developed under the German optical scanner, single precision up to 7μm;
- Can generate high-density point cloud data, a clear expression of the surface portion of the fine;
- The system has generated noise measurement point pruning, removing features that ensure measurement accuracy

2, surface easy access to information

- Advanced non-contact measurement technology camera, easy access to surface information, meet the complex curved surface, flexible objects measurement and testing requirements;
- Single-sided scanning time is less than 5 seconds, three-dimensional data with high accuracy can be obtained in an instant, to improve measurement efficiency

3, safe and convenient

- Protection of wear of the mold, sample, artifacts and other valuables from damage;
- Security white light technology, no harm to the human eye;
- Small size, it can be moved, for large or heavy workpieces can also be a convenient three-dimensional measurement;

4, measuring range freely switch

- Four head series three-dimensional scanner to switch freely scan range, and without re-calibration

5, economy

Universal Series three-dimensional scanner widely applied in the field, whether it is industrial parts or everyday consumer goods, whether it is cultural or jewelry, can handle it;
- Excellent quality and reasonable price, so that customers realize the benefits under the premise of minimizing investment maximization

product number

SmartScan-1000 large-format

Scan mode

Non-contact surface scanning

Single scan range (mm2)

600 * 450 to 1200 * 900 (adjustable)

The maximum measuring range (mm3)


Measurement accuracy (mm)

0.05 ~ 0.1mm

Single sweep points (pixels)


Single Scan speed


Average Pitch (mm)

0.47 ~ 0.94mm

Output file format



Marker automatic stitching, intelligent integration as a single point cloud

operating system

Windows2000 / XP / Vista