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925 silver rhodium-plated angel couple rings engagement live on one pair of Korean version of the ring opening propose marriage lettering

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Product parameters:

  • Time to market: 2014 spring and summer
  • Are malls the same paragraph: No
  • Material: silver
  • Metal Material: 925 Silver
  • Color Category: plus one yuan to send one pair of earrings (limited number) one pair price (solid version) send a certificate of male models opening (adjustable) a female models
  • Brand: Pureal / Park Ley
  • Style: South Korea
  • Applicable gender: Couples
  • Pattern: Cross / Crown / Roman numerals
  • Whether the spot: Spot
  • Price range: 401-500 yuan
  • Mosaic Material: Silver inlaid stones
  • Condition: New
  • Strange new: freshly baked
  • Product Number: pu0927001

Those issues you care about……
Q. This product is 925 sterling silver authentic?
A. We sold 925 sterling silver are of international standards, brand authentic guarantee, to support national authority precious metal detection mechanism, comes with test certificate, quality guarantee never exaggerated.
Q. About the price and other issues?
A. pro, with advances in technology currently on the market the emergence of various alloys, silver, copper and gold-plated sterling silver and other deceptive posing S925, resulting in the same style price is not uniform, but this restaurant is solid silver couple rings S925 Silver high quality rhodium, not comparable to other stores the same style, regardless of workmanship, texture, color are all superior products, high quality and low prices.
Q. The product will fade, color, black, allergies and other problems.
A. The product is S925 sterling silver, anti-oxidation, anti-allergy, anti-discoloration, within three months of any quality problems replacement, postage borne by Ley Park.
Q. This product is a pair of price?

A. Our couple rings on the ring marked price is one pair price

Q. About the ring foot (Number) code and other issues?

A. This paragraph points and closed the opening paragraph, if you do not know the size, you can choose to live open, the shop sold the ring Port code numbers are standard, if the pro-phase, please directly photographed, male and female models ring foot (No.) code, please note the following in the order in supplement, or sent directly to our online customer service. as the size of the ring have questions, please consult the online customer service pro.
Details Ring ring ring number of measurement methods and reference tables: Message formats such as: M No. xx; xx number of female

Q. rings lettering on other issues?

A. The product supports free lettering, play out as long as the computer can be carved out, word limit six characters or 12 letters (numbers) inside; if necessary free engraving service, please be content lettering on the ring number Your message. If desired engraved pattern, pattern please explain with words such as: Please describe the heart-shaped brackets (heart-shaped).
Lettering message formats such as: M xx number engraved: XXXX; Female xx number engraved: XXXX Reminder: As part of the first jewelry lettering after customized merchandise can not be secondary sales, so I do not support the return service, oh, look pro a lot of understanding .

Product information / Information)
■ Name / Title:
Angel Wings couple rings
■ Album / Series:
Couples Series
■ Art No. / Item:
■ Brand / Brand:
Ley Park
■ Materail / Material:
925 Silver
■ Process / Process:
Playing cloth polishing wheel
■ Size / Dimensions:
Men 14-27 women to live another 9-18 Optional
■ Weight / Weight:
5.45 ± 0.5 Ke
+ Price / National Unity Price: 398 / pair