FL08 flange zipper machine

FL08 flange zipper machine

Product description:

FL08 flange zipper machine 2

System are willing FL08 flange zipper machine (flangelitelocker) is a sturdy locking and advanced models, it can be two or three metal plates firmly joined together (cold forming), without causing the surface of the metal plate any damage. padlock pressure is generated by a gas-liquid cylinder by force.

赛思特法兰 padlock machine (litelocker) has several advantages:

1 can significantly reduce production costs.

2. Materials without heating

3. No processing rivet hole

4. Low energy consumption, minimize maintenance needs

5. plated surfaces or previously painted surface from damage

6. Can be used to handle a variety of connecting tube (rectangular and circular duct)

7. Infrared Processing position indicator (laser point) clearly indicates the machining position

8. A variety of different specifications mold and punch

This equipment is fully in line with the fan duct industry precision and reliability requirements. Its main material is a steel pillar part of cast molding, structural stability, long service life.

Technical Parameters

  • 400mm throat depth

  • The minimum diameter of 80mm

  • Material thickness 2 * 0.5-1.5mm

  • 3 * 0.5-1.0mm galvanized sheet

  • Stainless steel 2 * 0.5-1.0mm

  • Aluminum 2 * 0.5-1.5mm

  • Upper and lower mold shut height 50mm

  • Power stroke 6mm

  • The total travel 100mm

  • Pressure 6bar