Air booster

Air booster

Product description:

System are willing to air booster

It applies to the original pressure of the compressed air system to improve the work environment, the ability to work the system air pressure

Up to 2 ~ 5 Times, only compressed air for work within the system

As gas source can be. The booster pump is suitable for single gas source .

Air booster

• Maximum working pressure up to 40bar

• Maximum flow: 1350 L / min

• When the set pressure is reached, no additional energy consumption

• No power supply ( It can be used in the field for an explosion)

MPV02 Air booster

model MPV02

Pressure ratio 2: 1

Driving pressure (bar) 3-8

Driver Interface size G 3/8

Inlet connection size NPT 3/8

Outlet connection size NPT3 / 8

MPV04 Air booster

model MPV04 Air booster

Pressure ratio 4: 1

Driving pressure (bar) 3-8

Driver Interface size G 1/2

Inlet connection size NPT 1/2

Outlet connection size NPT 1/2