Leak detection device

Leak detection device

Product description:

Leak detection devices (manual control)

The device is produced by our company pressure ratio of 40: 1 gas booster, which is powered by a compressed air compressor 0.3-0.8MPa rated output pressure 12-32MPa device equipped with a manual. pressure relief valve, actuation pressure booster pump can be adjusted stepless adjustment of the output of high-pressure gas booster pump outlet connected with 3 meters of high-pressure pressure hose, users only need to prepare a displacement 0.5-0.75 m3 / min of air compressor, can be carried out through a pipe leak detection CNG vehicle conversion pipeline.

The main technical parameters

High-pressure gas outlet size: ZG1 / 4
Drive Air Pressure: 0.3-0.8MPa
Inlet pressure: 0.1-1MPa
Maximum flow: 124L / min
Drive gas inlet size: ¢ 12-line connectors

High-pressure gas outlet size: ZG1 / 4

Tightness testing device (computer-controlled)

Model: GBS40B-A, LCD real-time display test pressure, display and print pressure - time curve, test data is automatically saved, with alarm function, protect the internal pressure drops to a certain time pressure alarm.
The main technical parameters:
Drive Air Pressure: 0.3-0.8MPa;
Inlet pressure: 0.1-1MPa;
Output pressure: 0-32MPa.
Maximum flow: 124L / min
(Inlet pressure of 0.8MPa time);

Gas inlet connection: ø12PU tube quick plug;
High-pressure gas outlet connection: ZG1 / 4 internal thread
Wen connection.
Connect the power supply voltage: AC220V.
Electric control part containing the data acquisition system, PLC controller, IPC, configuration software, printers and so on.