Rust inhibitor

Rust inhibitor

Product description:


Product overview

HB-FX002 is a weak alkaline water-based antirusting agent, the rust-proof wide, can effectively protect the steel, iron and other metals, can inhibit iron material parts rusting process, effectively extending the metal parts rust. Processed workpieces only need heating and drying or dry naturally effective rust, metal surfaces can also keep parts of metallic luster.

Use method

Treatment methods: immersion, spray, erasure.

Temperature: room temperature ~ 60℃

Concentration: 3~100% (WT%), typically used is 5%, thinned with water.

Use time: 2~10min, their requirements can be adjusted.

Performance characteristics

Bubble: low foam, especially suitable for high pressure spray;

Properties: a good rust-proof function;

Simplicity: blending with water in any ratio, you can soak, erasure operation way, easy to use;

Odor: slight odor;

Low flammability: none flash point, flammable, safe;

Environmental protection: do not contain heavy metals salts, phosphate, nitrite and other substances, can be fully biodegradable, does not require special waste water treatment plant.

Packaging and storage

Plastics drum: 30kg/barrels stored in a cool dry place.

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