Efficient paint remover

Efficient paint remover

Product description:


product description

HB-TQ20 is an alkaline environment-friendly paint remover, phenolic resin, alkyd resin paint film having a good peeling, removal of the effect, especially for alkali resistance of preferably magnesium, stainless steel and other metals and alloy stripping process can be applied to the painting process substandard paint removal process, but also for cleaning screen printing inks .


Operating temperature : 70 ± 10 ℃

Use concentration: 100%

Time : 5 ~ 100min ( according to the substrate, coating the situation varies )

Operating conditions: immersion, can be supplemented with ultrasound


Operability: heatable use, high stripping efficiency

Rinsing : water rinse, no residue

Corrosion : Corrosion of the substrate is small, and has a certain protective

Environmental protection: components less volatile, non-irritating, biodegradable

Packaging and storing

Plastic barrels : 30kg / barrel

Store in a cool dry place, keep the container tightly closed when not in use, away from heat and fire sources .

During transport to ensure that the container does not leak, did not fall, do not fall, no damage .

This manual is for reference only, Please pre-test its adaptability