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Rust Remover

Rust Remover
  • Rust Remover
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Rust Remover HB94

product description

HB94 is a weak acid descaling agent, containing strong penetration of surfactants and environmentally friendly water-oil amphiphilic solvent, can be effectively applied to electroplating, electrophoresis, spray and painting aluminum, magnesium, iron and other metals and their alloys rust decontamination. HB94 for immersion, ultrasonic cleaning, wiping, plus temperature can effectively improve the cleaning effect of this rust rust agent.

Cleaning method: dipping, spraying, hand cleaning, ultrasonic

Temperature: room temperature ~ 70 ℃

Use concentration: dope use

Time: 0.5min ~ 8min, according to their own requirements, as appropriate, to adjust

After treatment: pure water or tap water rinse


Tasteless: Low odor or odorless

Low foam: foam less, post-processing simple

Low flammability: non-flammable, non-explosive, safe

Biodegradable: Available microbial treatment sewage treatment equipment

Environmental protection: do not contain heavy metals

Terms and Conditions

When used continuously and effectively reduce the concentration of sugar content and therefore need to bath regularly measured, adjust degreasing agent concentration, so that in use within the process.

Packaging and storage

Plastic barrels: 30kg / barrel

Store in a cool dry place, should not rain.

This manual is for reference only, please pre-test their adaptability.