degreasing agent

degreasing agent

Product description:

Degreaser HB-5023

HB-5023 is a low foam alkaline degreasing agent. The degreaser contains strong penetration surfactant, and it can be effectively used for steel, iron metal and alloy oil-removing and degreasing before electroplating, electrophoresis, painting and so on. The degreaser is appropriate for immersing and ultrasonic cleaning, especially can be good at spraying cleaning for its excellent low foam performance. Also it has good ability for preventing metal products from rusting during workstage.


Cleaning Method: dipping, spraying, manual clean, ultrasonic, etc.
Temperature: room temperature to 100 ° C
Concentration: 0.5 ~ 5% (wt%) Solution and the rest of adding water or tap water
Usage time: 0.5 min ~ 8min, according to their own requirements, as appropriate adjustment
Post-processing methods: water or tap water rinse

Performance and Characteristics

Low stinky: odor desalination or tasteless
Bullous low: less bubble, post-processing simple
Low flammability: non-flammable and difficult to explosions, the use of safety
Biodegradable: sewage treatment equipment available microbial treatment
Environmental protection: does not contain heavy metal material and phosphate

Note on use

Continuous use, the lower the effective concentration required regular sugar content of the Bath degreasing agent to control the use of technology in the concentration range.

Package and Storage

Plastic barrels: 30kg / barrel
Store in cool dry place, rain shelters storage.

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