glass cleaning powder

glass cleaning powder

Product description:

Glass cleaning powder HB-3

B-3 is a pro-environmental alkaline water-soluble powder cleaner without halohydrocarbon. It is mainly used to clear polishing powder, fingerprint, dust and etc. from the surface of lens, prisms and cell phone screen. And it can be used as cleaner in the processing cycle of metal, plastic and so on.


It can clear polishing powder, fingerprint, dust and so on from surface of lens and prisms well.

It can be used extensively as cleaner in optics and metal processing industries.

It has no volatilization, no decomposition, no combustion and high usage security.

It can be rinsed completely just by deionized water without any other operations.

It is biodegradable and harmless to the environment, and has acquired ROHS certificate.

Performance and Characteristics

No stinky: odor desalination or tasteless
Bullous low: less bubble, post-processing simple
Low flammability: non-flammable and difficult to explosions.
Biodegradable: sewage treatment equipment available microbial treatment
Environmental protection: does not contain heavy metal material and phosphate

Package and Storage

Plastic barrels: 50kg / barrel
Store in cool dry place, rain shelters storage.

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