paint remover

paint remover

Product description:

Paint Remover HB-25


HB25 is an environmental acid paint remover. It can peel phenolic resin, alkyd resin and etc. off easily and prevent rust availably, especially being used for removing paint on the surface of Al.

copper and its alloy. It is also used for taking the unqualified paint membrane off during spraying paint.


Temperature: room temperature

Concentration: 100%

Time: 5~100min (Actual usage time is different depending on the substrate material and the condition of paint membrane)

Operation way: soaking or using by ultrasonic machine

Performance and Characteristic

It is used by being heated. And it has high paint removing efficiency.

It can be washed by water directly, nothing obvious to remain.

It contains corrosion inhibitor. So it has some protection effect on the substrate material and the tank used.

It does not contain phenol, hydrochloric ether and heavy metal salt. And it has good biodegradation.

Package, storage and Transportation

It is packed in a plastic barrel of net weight 30kg.

It should be stored at cool and dry place. And it should be kept hermetically, far away from high temperature and fire.

Make sure no leakage, no collapse, no falling and no damage during transportation.

The information herein is only given for reference. Please check its applicability.