HDMI turn HD VGA cable VGA dongle connector | With audio | PS3 millet box projector

HDMI turn HD VGA cable VGA dongle connector | With audio | PS3 millet box projector

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Fullink
  • Process: Gold
  • Color Classification: aluminum with audio port + power supply port line length 20CM ABS black case no audio no power cord length 20CM ABS shell with audio - port line length 20CM ABS shell white No Audio No power cable length 20CM
  • Suitable for: set-top box
  • Interface Type: HDMI A Type
  • Material: Brass
  • Length: 1 m
  • Service: shop three packs

Please select criteria (3 + 6) VGA line, non-standard VGA cables can cause no picture, shop to ensure that each HDMI-VGA are tested, the normal output image

With power function models : Fully compatible design (supports all HDMI interface devices) high-grade aluminum version, when the lack of individual devices HDMI power when it needs to plug the power supply line, powered by Android phones 5V1A MiCRO USB power supply line.

No power function models : Tested perfect support for the following products: ordinary notebook (mainly refers to the books with CD-ROM) Lynx Box millet 2nd generation 3rd generation, Baidu stick 2S, pS3 XBO360, Lenovo T430U Ultrabooks, Lenovo U410, Samsung NP730, EDIY F8 / S1, open Bor K610i HD player, Mortimer 460 / D5 / T6, music as TV wireless set-top boxes, Hoi Mei Di J2, Huawei iptv, Dell Ling Yue 15VD-4516, the United States and picturesque A11 / A6 / v7 / V5, fast sowing small side, Skyworth E5300, British Fick i5 / i3 / I6, Huawei EC2108V3 set-top boxes, ThinkPad S5, my companion i5 / I6 Mele A200 (Other untested products with a proposal to buy the power supply section)