The air seach light(WS-PW001)

The air seach light(WS-PW001)

Product description:

Power supply: AC220V/ 380V 50-60HZ
Power consumption: 2KW-5KW
Input supply: AC220V/ 50HZAC380V/ 60HZ
Input current: 5A
Water proof grade: IP54
Lamp specification: Xenon lamp 1KW-5KW
Lamp life: 1000 hours
Intensity of electricity resistance: 1.5KV
Insulation resistance: ) 2Mohms
Control mode: stand-alone mode
Color effect: white, red, blue, green, yellow, purple are optional.
Adjust angle: level: 90°, vertical: 60°
Light beam angle: 0.6-0.8°
Distance: 1-2km