300W Moving head beam light(WS-PH002)

300W Moving head beam light(WS-PH002)

Product description:

Channel mode: 16 international standard DMX512
Horizontal scan: 540° (16bit precision scan)
Vertical scanning electron correction: 270° (16
bit precision scanning) electronic correction
Color film plate: 8 plug-in color film+white
rainbow effect with one-way rotation , full color
walk with a half -color mode switching
Pluggable pattern pieces: 8 gobos +white plug-
in design , with two-way rotation of the rainbow
effectFlash frequency: the highest frequency
of double guillotine strobe can be 13 times
per second, and can select a random strobe and
pulse strobeFog: the 0%to 100% linear atomi
zationBeautiful red dot matrix display
Self-switching power supply : to make products
lighter , more stable performance , short-circuit
automatic protectionConsole control light
bulbs and rest functions with delay function
Power source: AC210-240V, 50/60HZ
Lamp size: 396*390*630Carton size: 515*440*785
Net weight: 17kgGross weight: 19kg