Laser hair permanent hair removal machine to the hair equipment hair removal device beauty epilator

Laser hair permanent hair removal machine to the hair equipment hair removal device beauty epilator

Product description:


A laser hair eliminator, is a medical instrument, manufactured on the basis of the scientific research and up to date technologies. The 808nm wavelength laser is being used worldwide for hair removal and has been proved to be an average of 80% effective for permanent hair removal by world leading research institutions and Universities. Even if the laser is not emitted directly on hair, it also has a hair removal effect by emitting onto the root of hair through the skin because the 808nm wavelength penetrates deep into the root of hair.

Laser & Hair

When the laser is absorbed by skin tissue, it generates thermal injuries on the skin by transforming into heatenergy. Thermal injuries of skin tissue dissolve the tissue with degrees over 100 and cause scars to arise from irreversible degeneration with degrees between 50 and 100. Reversible regeneration is generated with under 50 degrees, this makes the skin tissue possibleto be restored into normal condition . The degree of thermal injuries incurred is determined by the wavelength of the laser, intensity of light, the time emitted, absorbing material and characteristics, etc. It is applied to surgical operations and can treat a variety of skin diseases without causing any side effects. The laser used for hair removal destroys the root of hairby emitting it on the hair or surroundings after being absorbed into pigment. The principal of laser hair removal isthat the light energy emitted by the characteristic wavelength of the laser is selectively absorbed by the melanin pigment located in the hair follicles, and destroys the root of the hair by transforming into thermal energy.

Advantages of Laser Hair Removal

1. Much faster and easier way of hair removal than other existing methods

2. Almost painless and less time-consuming compared to other treatments

3. Treats small areas of hair at a time

4. Less number of times for treatment

5. Assures precise and reliable treatment

6. Permanent hair removal and hair reduction effect

7. You can feel the soft skin resulted from pore constriction after being treated.

8. If you have tanned too much or have dyed the hair, wait until the skin has returned to normal color because laser has a characteristic feature that reacts only to dark hair.


1. High-power semiconductor laser causes no side effects and easy to use

2. Safe and easy use at home

3. Adjustable timer of laser emission and power controller of laser

4. Slim and portable design easy to carry along in case of a travel or business trip

5. If dark, the hair in almost any part of the body can be treated such as arm, leg, brow, bikini line, beard, etc. It is, however, principal not to have a treatment on or near the nipples and perineal region thathave much pigment concentration.

When you treat a facial region, be careful not to expose the eyes tothe laser

Technical information:

wavelength: 808nm

material: ABS etc

operating voltage: 110V/ 220V, 60HZ

power supply: DC 9V