Relay protection tester

Relay protection tester

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Relay protection tester Power recommended products

Warburg brand relay protection tester, following the security instrument is the computer Warburg electrical production and supply, Pingdu Warburg Electric Co., Ltd. developed the production of relay protection tester, following the security instrument computer power, good quality full-featured, well-protected power sector Recommendations

HB-K20086186 + 5322 + 5978 QQ1123134968

1, embedded TFT IPC also be an external laptop

2, Windows XP operating system comes with recovery systems, PC USB connection, with GPS synchronized test function

3, the main control board with DSP + FPGA structure, efficient and durable high-fidelity amplifier using linear power amplifier

4, automatic and manual test various relay, and the entire set of tests, with an accuracy of self-calibrating function software

5, 6-channel output 6-channel current-voltage differential test Easy

6, ACA6 * 40A or 1 * 90A, DCA3 * 20A, ACV

6 * 120V, DCV0 ~ 250V, 3U00 ~ 120V.

Frequency 0 ~ 1000Hz, phase 0 to 360 degrees, the time

0 ~ 999.999S, output power 1000VA

7, the shape 440 * 180 * 320mm, weight 16Kg

8, perfect protection, upgrading is simple, quickly grasp

Main products: The main products: high-current generator, thermal relay calibrator, capacitance bridge tester, relay tester, DC resistance tester, DC high voltage generator, loop resistance tester, transformer oil pressure tester transformer capacity loss tester, transformer oil pressure tester, capacitance and inductance tester, zinc oxide arrester tester, transformer turns ratio group tester, opening flash point tester, closed flash point tester, pour point tester, acid value measurement meter, transformer winding deformation tester, multifunction field calibrator, three tables calibrator, insulator salt density tester, vacuum oil, high-precision quantitative gas leak detectors, automatic pour point apparatus, flash point tester , micro-water detector, oil and synthetic liquid anti-emulsification tester, transformer oleic acid value measurement, laser particle size analyzer, corrosion tester, kinematic viscosity of petroleum products tester, automatic interface tension instrument, multi-function products such as shaker .

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