Thermal relay calibrator, thermal relay tester

Thermal relay calibrator, thermal relay tester

Product description:

Thermal relay calibrator, thermal relay tester

Useful thermal relay calibrator, thermal relay tester, Pingdu Warburg Electric Co., Ltd. to develop and produce thermal relay calibrator, thermal relay tester uses three phase output technology for single-phase thermal relay , circuit breakers, thermal relay and a variety of active and passive motor protection or the operating current and the test of time.

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1, suitable for single-phase thermal relays, circuit breakers, thermal relays

And a variety of active or passive motor protection device operating current and the test of time.

2, rated output: three-phase 0-200A-500A (current can be customized), three-phase output can be scheduled at the same time or separately for each phase adjustment

Coarse Fine can thoroughly address the imbalance caused by the three-phase power three-phase current imbalance effect on the thermal relay test results

3, measured: 0.01S-9999S normally open, normally closed contact automatic identification

4, Dimensions: 560X360X300 (mm) Weight: 40Kg

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