High-current generator, or converter

High-current generator, or converter

Product description:

High-current generator, or converter

Warburg electrical supply high-current generator, or converter, Pingdu Warburg Electric Co., Ltd. to develop and produce high-current generator, up-flow of imported iron production, power, light weight, durable, portable and easy belt, is assistant power-related departments of large current test.

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1, aluminum chassis, import iron production, 3KA weight only 40Kg

2, the regulator voltage, sine wave output

30.5 digital meter without external attachment standard CT and ammeter

4, with one or two milliseconds ammeter and the measured ratio of

5, when the high impedance with 380V power supply usually easy to find with a 220V power supply

6, power supply 220/380 can, weight according to the specifications

Test 7, suitable for variable ratio transmission projects such as overcurrent time

8, volume is only 500 * 350 * 280mm

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