Intelligent high-current generator, or converter

Intelligent high-current generator, or converter

Product description:

Intelligent high-current generator, or converter

Warburg smart card type high-current generator, up-flow is the production and supply of electrical Warburg, Warburg electrical production and supply of intelligent high-current generator, or converter uses a new generation single-chip control technology, imported core production, quality excellent, perfect protection, portable and easy to carry, can store print large current generator replacements.

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1, SCM control LCD display large Ping friendly interface

2, automatic up-flow test, manual up-flow test and impact test speed off, flexible and easy operation

3, real-time display of output current, time result, intuitive display

4, perfect over-current protection, arbitrarily set target output current value, current limit and resistance to the flow of time

5, with ground fault detection and back to zero detection function tests can be conducted to determine the ground and back to zero after, safe and reliable

6, automatic anti-approximation algorithm for up-flow, current flow after reaching the set time, after the end of timed auto-zero

7, the output current exceeds the set upper limit, the motor automatically returns to zero, and the occurrence of sound and light alarm

8, resistance to flow time range 0-999S impact timing range 0-999mS

91500A The following is a laptop or desktop desktop structure more than 1500A

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