Capacitance and inductance tester

Capacitance and inductance tester

Product description:

Capacitance and inductance tester supporting customized products for electricity

Capacitance and inductance tester, capacitance tester, line tester power capacitors are Pingdu Warburg Electric Co., according to user feedback, with many years of production experience to develop and produce a new generation of intelligent multifunction capacitance and inductance tester.

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1, no stitches are not wired to measure the capacitance value affect the simultaneous display of voltage and current power frequency maximum 2000UF.

2, measuring inductance value simultaneously display the applied voltage and current measurement frequency Maximum power: 5H.

3, the current measurement: display also shows the current frequency of the current.

4, large-screen LCD instrument. Instrument Chinese menu, Chinese prompts, easy to operate.

5, the instrument comes with the printer, you can print the display data, the built-in memory, non-volatile, the instrument can store 20 sets of data.

6. perpetual calendar, clock function, can be time calibration.

7. Test the power supply with over-current protection, power output short circuit will not damage the instrument.

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