Transformer tester, the voltage characteristic tester

Transformer tester, the voltage characteristic tester

Product description:

Transformer tester, the voltage characteristic tester

Very easy to use transformer tester, the voltage characteristic tester, Warburg brand transformer tester, the voltage characteristic tester is Pingdu Warburg Electric Co., Ltd. With years of experience in the production of electricity test equipment accumulation, drawing on the advantages of similar products at home and abroad to develop and produce a new generation of intelligent transformer test equipment, in the submission of the electricity sector by 100%.

HB-VA2008 +, 186 + 5322 + 5978 QQ1123134968

1, single-supply 220VAC, the use of more safe and reliable (to completely abandon the use of hazardous 380V FireWire);

Each parameter can be measured ratio error, phase error, the second DC resistance measurement; 2, single output 2500V / 1000A

3, do the 5A / 5A-25000A / 5A, PT 5A / 1A-5000A / 1A's, CT transformer;

4, just set the test voltage and current, the device will automatically complete the test quickly, without training, easy to grasp;

5, single output capacity big, full-function, high precision, the unique properties;

6320 * 240 large LCD, the whole Chinese graphical interface;

7, using the import of rotating the mouse, set the test value faster and easier;

8, the test can be displayed directly voltammetry, clear graphics, easy and intuitive;

9, comes fast printer that supports spot print test results;

10, comes with a large-capacity memory, you can save 1000 group test data after power is not lost, can be accessed at any time;

11, USB communication interface, easy to connect new laptop, you can upload test data can be edited, saved or printed;

12, set a variety of functions in one instrument, easy to achieve a multi-purpose machine, effectively improve work efficiency, reduce labor intensity.

13, support for offline and online testing

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