Intelligent DC high voltage generator

Intelligent DC high voltage generator

Product description:

Intelligent DC high voltage generator

Stable performance of the Intelligent DC high voltage generator, Intelligent DC high voltage generator is Pingdu Warburg Electric Co., based on past experience and on-site product user feedback, using a new generation of intelligent MCU control technology development and production of multi-functional high stable and friendly man-machine interface more user-friendly DC high voltage generator.

HB-ZGF2100186 + 5322 + 5978 QQ1123134968

1, microprocessor control automatic / manual boost, buck, timing, judgment, Buck

2, large Ping LCD Chinese display, can display high-voltage, current,

3, no knobs programmable voltage, output voltage arbitrarily set

4, the measurement results are accurate and true and accurate to 0.1μA

5, perfect overcurrent and overvoltage zero protection, current and voltage protection arbitrarily set time

6, programmable display brightness adjustment, to adapt to different lighting conditions and personal preferences

7, according to user requirements can be equipped with RS-232/485 remote communications and control port

860 120 200 300 600 800 1000KV optional

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