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solar charge controller 10A 20A LC POWER

solar charge controller 10A 20A LC POWER
  • solar charge controller 10A 20A LC POWER
  • solar charge controller 10A 20A LC POWER
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Solar charge controller

1. CE Certificate
2. 3 years warranty
solar intelligent control

Solar charge controller

Lc power's advanced LCSC-A solar charge controller provides a low cost regulated output directly from the solar module to maximize battery life in small solar power applications, and design with an advanced microcontroller for automatic lighting control functions.

Key Features:

• Robust Aluminum Housing
• Epoxy Encapsulated PCB to Prevent Corrosion (IP68)

•Compact Size
• Intelligent Timer Function

•Widely Programmable
• External Temperature Sensor
• 4 Stage Battery Charging (Main, Float, Boost, Equalization)

• Automatic System Voltage Recognition (12/24V)
• Over temperature, reverse polarity, Load short circuit, overload, over discharging/ charging protections.


Model no.



System voltage

12/24 V auto recognition

Max. charge/ load current



Float Charge

13.8V/ 27.6V (25°C)

Main Charge

14.4/28.8 V (25 °C) , 30 min. (daily)

Boost charge

14.4/28.8 V (25°C) , 2 h
Activation: battery voltage ( 12V/ 24V

Deep discharge protection: Cut-off voltage

11V/ 22V

Deep discharge protection: Reconnect voltage

12V/ 24V

Overvoltage protection

16V/ 32V

Max. panel voltage


Temperature compensation

-4mV/ °C`2V

Max. own consumption

5 ~ 10mA

Night/ day detection delay time


Overload and short-circuit protection

Overload: ≥1.2 times rated current and last 20 seconds; ≥1.5 times rated current and last 3 seconds;
Short-circuit: ≥2.5 times rated current.


Positive grounding possible

Working temperature

-40 ~ +55°C

Maximum above sea level

4000 m above sea level

Dimentions (L*W*H)

82*59*20 mm

82*100*20 mm

Wire cross section





Protection grade

IP68 (1.5 m, 72 h)

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