Barbecue network

Barbecue network

Product description:

Barbecue network

Barbecue network Can be divided into: round wire meshes, round flat wire meshes, wire meshes concave circular, square flat wire meshes, square concave meshes, Petiole wire meshes (aka BBQ), not Petiole wire meshes, punching meshes, Europe meshes, Korean barbecue mesh, stainless steel wire meshes.

Barbecue network Material: high-quality galvanized to Roberts, stainless steel wire, tin plate.

Barbecue network Production and characteristics: high quality wire preparation, welding, surface treatment can be used enamel, non-stick, chrome, nickel, zinc, gold and other imitation cut the mesh After edging made (stamping and welding side edge). , round, square, rectangular, and its products have a low cost, high temperature, deformation, non-toxic and tasteless, easy to use. My company mainly produces a variety of wire meshes.

Barbecue network product structure:

(1) the middle Roberts galvanized crimped wire mesh, wire via: 1.10mm, mesh: 11mm.
s (3) finished mesh weight of about 100 g.

Barbecue network Purpose: Grill in the city are all over the street, everywhere barbecue featuring tricks such as meat can have roast lamb, roast beef, grilled chicken, fish, chicken, meatballs, animal offal, chicken on a single. There are chicken skewers, grilled chicken wings, roast chicken, chicken heart, and even brown children, corns can be grilled, the other vegetables such as Caijiao, eggplant and even fruits like bananas can also be used to bake, give consumers.