Hu straw | Hong Kong THENICE

Hu straw | Hong Kong THENICE

Product description:


1. All the dry tube head has sealing valve design with a drain valve tail pipe design (which benefits the water pipe is not easy, snorkeling long time will enter less

The amount of water can be breathed through your mouth to water discharge )

2. The single ball valve seal : According to physical sense, the law of the float, the float buoyancy is the largest, single ball can be a universal force, regardless of Shiyao case can guarantee the same area with the sealing pad closed! this is also the designer after thousands of tests was out conclusion, unlike some unscrupulous businessmen easily draw a diagram to blow under their own is the best sealing system will flicker to the customer !

3. This product has by CTI Material Safety certification brand.


Natural length 49CM, effective absorption length 39CM Hu

Weight : 185 g

Material: tube head, tail pipe, tube buckle ( high strength PC material)

Tube body (food grade PVC material)

Mouthpiece, bellows (food grade liquid silicone )

Colors: gold, red, white, blue, black

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Packaging: Original color self-styled single loaded 50 bags / box