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Fresh Water Disinfection

Fresh Water Disinfection
  • Fresh Water Disinfection
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This silver ions sterilizeronly can kill off bacteria, germs, algae etc. in drinking water


1 Disinfection of water

Before consuming drinking water it has to be disinfected. Furthermore the growth of bacteriain storage tanks and pipes has to be prevented. Chlorination is a well known way ofdisinfection which has a long lasting preservation time. This method has more and more beenreplaced on modern ships by other ways of disinfection, which do not incorporate thehazardous handling of chlorine.

2 Disinfection with silver ions

The use of silver ions is a well proven and accepted method of cleaning and inhibiting thegrowth of bacteria in drinking water.

Silver ions do not add taste, smell or change the water in any other means. As long as theconcentration of silver ions is present in the water, there will be no bacteria in the waterdistribution system or in the storage tank.

3 Concentration of silver ions

For fresh water disinfection it is recommended to add 0.1ppm of silver ions. The minimumtime required for silver to take effect is 4 hours after passing through the unit. This shouldensure a maximum of 0.08ppm in the system. 1

Main Features of Silver Ion Sterilizer

ü Very compact design. Control unit can be mounted together or separated fromelectrode chamber.

ü User-friendly interface.

ü Fully automatic silver ion discharge, proportional to measured flow or to predefinedflow.

ü Fail-safe. A remotely controlled valve prevents water from entering the distributionsystem in case Silver Ion Sterilizer is not functioning normally or if the electrode is used up.

ü Two control inputs which can be individually configured for either a flow meter or arun/ stop signal.

ü Sterilizing water that is bunkered in the harbour can be done in two ways:

o Manually: After/ while bunkering water in the harbour: simply enter the batchvolume (m3) and the appropriate amount of silver ions will be discharged.

o Automatically: Install a flow meter on the bunker line and connect to controlinput 2. Silver ions will be automatically discharged in proportion to thebunkered volume. Bunker flow can be higher than SilSter's maximum capacity;

Silver Ion Sterilizer will continue until the appropriate amount of silver ions has beendischarged.

ü Very easy to change electrode.

ü Alarm output. User is warned if SilSter15 Water Sterilizer is not functioning normally or if theelectrode is running low.

Technical specifications

Model: Ags-15 or SIL-15 Silver Ion Sterilizer

Sterilization Capacity: 0 - 10 m3/ h water @ 0.1ppm silver ion concentration (max 0.5A / max 48V / max 20W) .

0 - 25 m3/ h water @ 0.04ppm silver ion concentration.

Number of silver plates: twin silver plate 100% purity

Voltage : 220VAC, 50/60Hz

Output current: 0~200mA

Flow meter : pulse generating type PLC connection

Protection : IP54

Alarm output : Potential free, NO/ NC

Working Pressure : Max. 0.1Mpa

Connection : DN25, for both in/ outlet

Overall dimensional : 450*210*460mm