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CSTK UPS power supply battery ALLWAYS SS7.5-12 12V7.5AH battery |

CSTK UPS power supply battery ALLWAYS SS7.5-12 12V7.5AH battery |
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Product parameters:

  • Condition: New
  • Brand: Exiunst
  • Model: 12V7.5AH

CSTK UPS Power Supply Battery ALLWAYS SS7.5-12 12V7.5AH Battery Marker Universal

Applicable to CSTK MT500 MT1000 and 1-10K standard machine use,

And apply to the size of 150 * 95 * 65mm all brands built-in battery ups use.

Products from the sales date from the warranty 1 year. A variety of toy cars can also be used.

Battery Features:

1, easy maintenance

When the battery is charged, the gas generated inside the battery is absorbed and reduced to the power source, and there is substantially no electrolyte reduction.

2, holding liquid high

The electrolyte is absorbed in a special separator and remains in a non-flowing state, so it can be used even if it is fallen.

3, superior safety performance

Due to extreme overcharge operation errors caused by excessive gas can be released to prevent the battery rupture.

4, self-discharge is very small

With special lead calcium alloy production grid, the self-discharge control in the smallest.

5, long life, good economy

Battery grid with good corrosion resistance of the special lead-calcium alloy, while the use of special partitions to keep the electrolyte, and then with a strong compression of the positive plate active material to prevent falling off, so it is a long life, economical battery.

6, small internal resistance

Due to small internal resistance, high current discharge characteristics.

7, after the deep discharge has excellent recovery ability

In case of long-term discharge, as long as the full charge, the basic capacity does not appear to be reduced, and soon can be restored.