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CSTK UPS battery 12V 100AH ​​UPS power supply | maintenance-free lead-acid battery | UPS battery

CSTK UPS battery 12V 100AH ​​UPS power supply | maintenance-free lead-acid battery | UPS battery
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CSTK UPS battery 12V100AH ​​valve control type Lead acid Maintenance-free battery

'Name'Valve-regulated sealed lead acid maintenance-free batteries

'Brand' CSTK


'Voltage' 12V

'Capacity' 100AH

CSTK UPS power supply maintenance-free lead-acid batteries by "GB / T valve-regulated lead-acid battery standard "Design and manufacture, the product before use without adding water, the user can only be properly installed to use. No acid leakage, low resistance, resistance to vibration, anti-over-discharge recovery ability, self-discharge, long life And so on.

model Voltage capacity Reference weight Dimensions
(V) (Ah) (Kg) L * W * H (mm)
6-GFM-7 12 7 2.1 115*65*94
6-GFM-17 12 17 5.5 180*77*167
6-GFM-38 12 38 11 197*165*175
6-GFM-65 12 65 18 350*166*175
6-GFM-100 12 100 28 407*173*210

Battery charge:
First, the cycle charge and discharge use mode
1, if the device is connected to the power supply, charge saturation after leaving the power supply from the battery, in which case you should select the cycle charge and discharge methods.
2, the cycle charging the maximum voltage provided by the machine should be limited: the ambient temperature at 25 ℃, 2V battery charge voltage is: 2.35-2.45V; 4V battery charging voltage: 4.70-4.90V; 6V battery Charging voltage: 7.05-7.35V; 8V battery charging voltage: 9.40V-9.80V; 10V battery charging voltage: 11.75-12.25V; 12V battery charging voltage: 14.1-14.7V. Charging the maximum current is not Greater than 25% of rated capacity.
3, charge saturation should be immediately stopped charging, otherwise the battery will be damaged or due to excessive charging will easily lead to the battery drum.
4, charge and discharge, the battery can not be inverted.
5, the life cycle depends on the depth of each discharge, the greater the depth of discharge, the battery can be less the number of cycles.
Second, the use of floating mode
1, if the device is always connected with the power supply, and in the charging state, but the external power supply is stopped by the battery-powered, in which case should choose the floating charge mode.
2, the battery charging voltage of each cell of the floating charge setting range should be strictly controlled: 20 ℃ in the environment, 2V battery float voltage: 2.25-2.30V, the maximum charge current is not greater than the rated capacity of 25% A .
3, floating charge life is mainly affected by the float voltage and ambient temperature, the higher the float voltage, the battery life is shorter.
Third, the discharge
Discharge terminal voltage is lower than the specified termination voltage or discharge over a number of over-discharge will bring severe damage to the battery, so that early termination of battery life.

Baby Features:
1, good safety performance: no leakage of electrolyte under normal use, no battery expansion and rupture.
2, the discharge performance is good: the discharge voltage is stable, flat discharge platform.
3, good resistance to vibration: fully charged state of the battery completely fixed to 4mm amplitude, 16.7Hz frequency vibration 1 hour, no leakage, no electricity
Pool expansion and rupture, open circuit voltage is normal.
4, good impact resistance: fully charged state of the battery from the 20cm height naturally fall to 1cm thick hardwood board 3. No leakage, no battery expansion
And rupture, open circuit voltage is normal.
5, good resistance to overdischarge: 25 degrees Celsius, fully charged state of the battery discharge resistance for 3 weeks (equivalent to the resistance of the battery 1CA put
Electrical requirements of the resistance), recovery capacity of 75% or more.
6, good resistance to overcharge: 25 degrees Celsius, fully charged state of the battery 0.1CA charge 48 hours, no leakage, no battery expansion and rupture, open
Road voltage is normal, capacity maintenance rate of 95% or more.
7, resistance to high current is good: fully charged state of the battery 2CA discharge 5 minutes or 10CA discharge for 5 seconds. No conductive part of the fuse, no appearance