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Hills TG1000 1000VA600W UPS power supply | Backup type | built-in battery | stand-alone 20 minutes

Hills TG1000 1000VA600W UPS power supply | Backup type | built-in battery | stand-alone 20 minutes
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  • Condition: New
  • Brand: SANTAK / Hills
  • Model: TG1000

Mountain special SANTAK (mountain special electronic (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.)

TG1000 (1000VA600W) Backup UPS uninterruptible power supply Built-in 2 12V lead acid maintenance-free battery

With a general computer delay of about 20 minutes

'Brand'Santo SANTAK

'Model' TG1000

'Capacity' 1000VA

'Battery' built-in 2 12V battery

'Factory name' Shan Te Electronics Shenzhen Co., Ltd.

'Warranty' by the Hill Electronics Shenzhen Co., Ltd. Genius three years

'DC voltage' DC24V

Product Introduction
TG series UPS is a beautiful, practical 'good partner' of personal computer.Using high frequency PWM technology and SMD manufacturing process, make it more in line with business and home PC, router and POS users on the UPS light, small, thin, Interference with the small requirements, and further enhance the reliability of the machine.

Ultra-thin design
Easy access to the home and office environment, to help you save space for PC users, the computer around the crowded situation becomes easy and harmonious. Panel simple and neat, easy to operate.

Advanced high frequency technology

Transplanted on-line UPS used in the PWM high-frequency technology, operating frequency up to 40KHz, so that the volume greatly reduced, the use of more convenient.

SMD manufacturing process
SMD (surface mount) technology, the PC board on the plug resistance, capacitance, transistor and other components to SMD patch installation, wiring more reasonable, effective space-saving, reduce interference, and further improve the reliability of the machine.

Safe charger
Charger design structure is more compact, charging circuit and inverter circuit interaction, both to achieve the fast charging, but also to protect the battery to extend the battery life.

Self - monitoring
UPS automatically simulate the power out of the state, the inverter, battery and other components and load self-test, easy to find the problem in time. Usually not because of UPS failure and affect the operation of the computer.

UPS always monitor the battery voltage, charging too high or too much discharge, the automatic stop charging, effectively extending the UPS machine and battery life.

Built-in high-quality VRLA batteries

The use of original high-quality maintenance-free VRLA batteries, power lasting, stable, effectively improve the reliability of the use of UPS.

Specification table

model TG500 TG1000
Rated Capacity 500VA / 300W 1000VA / 600W
Input voltage (165VAC ~ 265VAC) ± 7VAC
Output Voltage 220 × (1 ± 10%) VAC (battery mode)
frequency (50 ± 1) Hz (battery mode)
VRLA batteries Voltage / capacity × quantity 12V / 7AH × 1 12V / 7AH × 2
Standby time (half load) ≥7 minutes
Charging time ≤ 10 hours
Output socket (GB) 2 Three
Conversion time <10ms
Appearance size W × D × H (Mm × mm × mm) 80 × 232 × 177 91 × ​​283 × 240
Weight (net weight) Kg 2.6 5.1

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