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UPS uninterruptible power supply MT500 / 360W with a regulator | a computer extension of 5-10 minutes

UPS uninterruptible power supply MT500 / 360W with a regulator | a computer extension of 5-10 minutes
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Product parameters:

  • Condition: New
  • Brand: VSASVNTEK
  • Model: MT500

MT-500 UPS uninterruptible power supply

Product basic information:

  1. Model: MT-500
  2. Paul Repair: machine warranty for one year


UPS power supply features:
MT series of uninterruptible power supply not only for your computer to provide uninterrupted power supply, but also greatly improve the quality of AC power supply, so as to prevent the stability of the power supply caused by the adverse effects of the computer.

Applicable voltage range is wide
In the input voltage range, can provide the normal use of electrical equipment voltage when the input voltage exceeds the range, the machine automatically into the inverter state power supply, so as to ensure that the computer and other equipment will not be too high or too low input voltage And damage, and in the power grid abnormal, the user can continue to operate for some time or save.

Wide voltage range
In the model input voltage range, can provide a stable output voltage

Overload protection
In the inverter state, when the overload, the output voltage is correspondingly reduced, the load returns to below the rated power, the output voltage rises to the specified value, so as to avoid the computer running due to open other devices appear inrush current to instantaneous Overload and shut down when the load is overloaded.

Short circuit protection
When the operation caused by short-circuit load or computer failure (such as switching power supply breakdown) caused by short circuit, the machine is automatically protected off.

Small current switch
The machine uses a small current switch, than the traditional battery and the mains of the high current switch to extend the service life.

Technical features:
1, automatic high and low pressure adjustment function (AVR), 165Vac-275Vac wide range of input
2, the use of PWM pulse width modulation technology and advanced MOSFET power devices, running more stable
3, bypass socket design, can be connected to high-load equipment without damage to the UPS
4, excellent generator compatibility and grid synchronization tracking capability
5, with a perfect battery undervoltage, overload, short circuit protection
6, built-in high-quality VRLA batteries, adequate power


Applicable to post and telecommunications, railways, petroleum, chemical, education, business, banking and other industries office computers, office automation and home computers, home multi-coal, home audio-visual equipment.


Model MT-500A MT-500 MT-1000A MT-1000
Input voltage 220VAC ± 25%
The output voltage 220VAC ± 10% (battery mode)
Output frequency 50Hz-100Hz (battery mode)
Output waveform Square wave PWM (battery mode)
Conversion time ≤ 10ms
Standby time 3-20 minutes (1 PC + 1CK15 inch monitor)
Number of batteries 1 / 12V4.5Ah 1 / 12V7Ah 2 / 12V4.5Ah 2 / 12V7Ah
Charging time 10-16 hours
Weight (net weight) (Kg) 5.0Kg 5.6Kg 10.0Kg 11.0Kg
Size (mm) 315 × 130 × 210 390 × 130 × 210 405 × 205 × 283 405 × 205 × 283
Operating environment Temperature 0 ℃ -40 ℃, humidity 20% -90%