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Copper bathroom concealed hybrid electric water heater shower mixing valve faucet hot and cold taps shower set switch

Product code: -2573200030
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: GOODFINE / Old Fan
  • Model: GCTP001
  • Color Classification: Alloy triple - no accessories to buy another gasket alloy triple - triple alloy with accessories + pressurized round three sets of old stalls alloy triple + 3 + Five sets of triple alloy profiles three sets of triple alloy + stainless steel round 3 sets of stainless alloy triple + 3 sets of full copper triple - no accessories to buy another full copper triple gasket - with accessories all copper triple and circle three sets of booster + full copper triple the old stalls three full sets of copper triple + Five-speed three full sets of copper + stainless steel triple round three full sets of copper + stainless steel triple square three sets of triplets +6 inch alloy 304 square top spray three full sets of copper triple +6 304 square inch top spray three sets
  • Shower faucet types: single shower faucet
  • Shower bracket type: fixed bearing
  • Installation: Wall Mount
  • Hot and cold water control types: single to dual control
  • City services: city logistics delivery
  • Material: Copper
  • Shape: Round

Optional Note: Selected nozzle must be based on water pressure! Great water pressure at home - choose 12cm panels, home water pressure was okay - the election panel 10cm, small water pressure at home - buy super booster.

Baby description: This 10cm head out of the water, rough water, suitable for General or better Water pressure environment . Specific water pressure water pressure may be subject to their own, different families, different pressure, the intensity of the water is certainly different, You can choose according to their needs.

PS: Little pressure is necessary to use super-pressurized shower, this is not suitable, we should not mistake yo!