UPS uninterruptible power supply | JBT Jia Bote 12V100AH ​​maintenance-free lead-acid batteries | special battery

UPS uninterruptible power supply | JBT Jia Bote 12V100AH ​​maintenance-free lead-acid batteries | special battery

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Condition: New
  • Brand: JBT / Jia Bote
  • Model: 12V100AH

Product Name: JBT Jia Bote 12V100AH ​​6-GMF-100 maintenance-free lead-acid batteries Suitable for solar power system

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Hills / SANTAK uninterruptible power supply Power and time allocation table

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Installation and maintenance

Battery connection:

The actual capacity of the battery or the same battery used in tandem before;

The actual voltage of the battery or the same battery used in tandem before;

Coupling parts to close to prevent sparks if poor contact, available water to clean the contact surface.;

Positive and negative can not be reversed or short circuit;

An interval between the battery pack has more than 10MM, to facilitate heat dissipation.

Battery charging:

Float (limit voltage control current) use: charging voltage 2.275-2.30V / single cell (25 ℃);

Temperature compensation, temperature compensation coefficient per monomer 3MV / ℃ (with 20 ℃ as the base);

When trickle use, battery float current is adjusted to less than 2MA / AH;

Recycling (charge full stop, that is completely discharged charge): charging voltage 2.35-2.45V / single cell;

The maximum current is not greater than 25% of the nominal capacity;

Note: The battery can not be used in confined or high-temperature environment, away from fire sources.

Storage and installation:

1, not in use should remove the battery cable cover Poles jacket and wipe clean;

2, once every three months for the battery maintenance, charging method limiting constant voltage method, the initial charging current is 0.1CA, the charging voltage of 2.4V / single cell (25 ℃ when);

3, the battery should be stored in dry and ventilated place, avoid direct sunlight, away from heat;

4, when handling batteries even force, the force of the housing portion of the battery to avoid damage to the pole;

5, the installation should use insulated tools to prevent click.


1, the battery was charged with a factory, not attempt to remove the battery to avoid the risk of inadvertent use, such as the battery case is damaged, contact with sulfuric acid, please flush with water, seek medical attention immediately if necessary.;

2, can not mix old and new batteries;

3, can not use the battery in a sealed container;

4, the battery should be complete resume, including the date of manufacture, date of installation, use case records;

5, on a regular basis (once a year) check the connection is loose, if loose, should be tightened;

6, on a regular basis (every three months) wipe with a soft fabric batteries, so that the battery kept clean;

7 Do not use organic solvents to clean the battery;

8, pay attention to the isolation cell and prevents the salt bridge generation.