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Hills MT1000S SANTAK UPS uninterruptible power supply | long delay time | UNPROFOR three years

Hills MT1000S SANTAK UPS uninterruptible power supply | long delay time | UNPROFOR three years
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Product parameters:

  • Condition: New
  • Brand: VSASVNTEK
  • Model: MT1000S

Picture MT1000S external battery, the battery has been installed inside the cabinet, the price is the price of a single MT1000S, batteries and cabinets need to purchase. Thank you support!

Hill Electronics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. as a professional engaged in uninterruptible power supply

ups ) Development, production and operation of the international companies, Hills in China's entry 20Our products have been widely used in government, finance, telecommunication, electric power, transportation, manufacturing and military industries for many years, with strong technical research and development strength, reliable product quality, complete and efficient after-sales service system. , Has been unanimously endorsed by users of all walks of life.

Product Introduction
The MT-pro series is a smart-on-line UPS that provides power management solutions for a variety of communication connections. It is equipped with advanced CPU integrated control technology and has wide voltage input range and unique vertical, horizontal, It is also the best protection power source for server, network equipment and industrial control products of small and medium-sized enterprises, government and education industries, etc .. It is also specially equipped with regulated output power socket, surge protection socket and smart card.

Technical Parameters

For high-end network equipment, IT equipment
MultiPower (MT) series of UPS is designed for high-end network equipment, IT equipment and all-around Internet-based UPS. Input voltage range is wide, and can provide a variety of installation, monitoring.

Vertical, horizontal, rack-mounted three ways
Unique shape design.Whether the user's application environment changes, MT can be changed on-demand, thus effectively protecting the customer's investment.

A separate regulated output power socket
An independent regulator output socket can be an external printer or scanner and other computer peripherals, to avoid the complex external wiring, while the equipment can be surge protection.

Special configuration surge protection socket
Equipped with RJ45 / RJ11 network protection interface, the Internet equipment for surge protection.

Wide input voltage range
When the voltage input range of 148 ~ 294VAC (super mode), the frequency range of 45 ~ 55Hz, UPS can still output through the regulator will not be converted to battery discharge mode, especially for power poor areas. Use (other similar products usually do not have such a wide voltage input range).

Smart card
The machine is equipped with intelligent slot, in addition to the standard serial power intelligent management mode, through the optional USB card, Webpower card, AS400 card, EMD environmental monitor and other monitoring accessories, can achieve multiple modes of UPS remote monitoring and management.

Long-term, delay-type power supply design (1kVA)
In order to meet different users UPS backup time requirements, MT series is divided into three models: standard, delay type and long-term type.
Standard UPS can meet the needs of ordinary users of uninterruptible power supply.
The DELAY UPS is equipped with Hilltech's original battery case, which provides longer backup times for use in areas with poor electrical power.
Long-lasting UPS can be connected to external battery box, especially for a long time to use less than the power supply.

Technical Parameters

Rated Capacity
(National standard)(3)
Input range
Battery mode
The output voltage
Sealed lead - acid battery
Appearance size W × D × H
Weight (net weight)
Standby time
(Half load)
Charging time
148 to 295 VAC
(Super mode)
173 ~ 266VAC (standard mode)
220 ± 10% VAC
(50 ± 1Hz)
6-8 minutes
≤ 10 hours
198 × 317 × 79 mm
Lt; / RTI & gt;
8-9 minutes
≤ 10 hours
220 × 430 × 84 mm
≥30 minutes
≤ 10 hours
2 × (220 × 430 × 84) mm
Long-term machine with 6A high current smart charging module, an external battery pack, spare time optional.
220 × 430 × 84 mm
/ RTI & gt;
Technical parameters: Network protection port: RJ45 / RJ11; Communication port: DB-9P; Ambient temperature 0 ℃ ~ 40 ℃; Ambient humidity 10% ~ 90%;

(1) 'Regulated + UPS output' socket, can ensure that the load uninterrupted demand (battery mode output power factor of 0.6).
(2) independent 'regulator' output socket, an external printer or scanner and other computer peripherals, the load surge protection.
(3) L time delay comes standard with B9022 battery case. B9022 battery box contains four 9AH battery.
(4) S-efficiency Optional B9902E battery box, each B9022E battery box contains four 9AH battery can be used in parallel with three.