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400 mesh knitted wire mesh | 321 stainless steel filter

400 mesh knitted wire mesh | 321 stainless steel filter
  • 400 mesh knitted wire mesh | 321 stainless steel filter
  • 400 mesh knitted wire mesh | 321 stainless steel filter
Product code: 25723600001
Unit price: 35 CNY  (5.09 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
Minimum order: 10
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Material: 420 Specifications: n Aperture: 0.18 (mm)
Wire diameter: 0.08mm-0.30mm (mm) Weaving: plain weave Purpose: Filtering
Origin: Anping Mesh: 1-600 mesh

Weave Features: single strand braided, multi-strand braid, metal wire and nonmetal wire (various fibers) weaving may be needed in the wire-line press rolled into a variety of styles specifications of corrugated.

product description:

Liquid filter, also known as: gas-liquid net, broken foam network, filters it is actually a screen of traditional knitting sweaters knotted improved method of knitting knitting yarn typically 0.08mm-0.50mm round wire or pressure. into a flat, wire diameter ≤0.30mm can multi-strand braided, multi-strand braided wire form but also plied knitting yarn and fiber.
1, silk warp range: 0.08mm-0.30mm (commonly through a wire: 0.20mm-0.25mm) In addition, a number of strands twisted together weave.
2, hole size: from (2 * 3mm) to (4 * 5mm) and then to (12 * 6mm) was also based on customer requirements for hole size hole in the form of fine-tuning the big hole and cross-hole arrangement. (in the longitudinal direction of the hole is the same size, the width is not the same)
3, liquid filter surface conditions: the flat-type mesh and pressed into corrugated corrugated mesh (width and depth of the corrugations have different specifications)
4, the width of the liquid filter of: 40mm, 80mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 300mm, 400500mm, 600mm and so on.
5, liquid filter main material: stainless steel wire have AISI201202301302304304L, 321316316L, pure nickel wire, titanium wire, Monel, galvanized wire, to Roberts, stainless steel wire and cotton or plastic, PP, PC, PE, PVC, PTFE.
Liquid filter Application: Suitable for the distillation of petroleum industry, oil refining, chemicals, light industry, medicine, metallurgy, machinery, ships, automobiles and tractors, absorption, evaporation, filtration and other processes, eliminate entrained in the steam or gas liquid droplets and foam, as well as an air filter on the tractor. automotive parts sealing, damping (shock), silencers and exhaust purification element. electronics, electrical products electromagnetic interference shielding devices.
Standard 40-10060-150140-400105-300 etc.
-Efficient 60-10080-10080-15090-150150-300200-400 etc.
20-10030-15070-400170-560170-620 high penetration type, etc.
Damping 33-3038-4020-4030-4030-6030-8050-120 etc.