High -precision CNC roll lathes RHCK8450

High -precision CNC roll lathes RHCK8450

Product description:

Product profile:

RHCK84 series high precision CNC roll lathe is a kind ofhigh precision, high rigidity four guide nc roll lathe, which is combined withmarket situation. It is suitable for various roll, as well as inside andoutside surface, conical surface, end surface and thread. The machine is widelyused in iron and steel, car petroleum, war production and so on.

Main Features:

*Siemens CNC system

*Spindle box equips with precise spindle unit.

*Feeding system contain highprecision ball screw and servo motor.

*Heavy load straight line guide way, with high speed, highrigidity and soon respond

*The guide rail is processed by the laser

*The live centre is in the tailstock, improvingthe precision

*The electric box is equipped withair conditioner