vertical laser

vertical laser

Product description:

product manual:

Laser machining center is developed according to the latest trends in the market CNC laser heat treatment technology developed hair, full function numerical control machine has a semi-closed loop control of cladding features. The machine versatile, flexible operation, suitable for a variety of complex shapes axis sets, disc-type cladding machining parts, such as outer cylindrical, conical surface, circular surface, etc., especially for multi-species, turns small batch processing, process adaptability, high efficiency, product consistency, and can be reduce the degree of skilled worker requirements of easy programming, simple operation, it is ideal for medium-sized CNC laser processing equipment, the standard configuration, an optional accessory.

Main technical characteristics:

CNC system using the German Siemens CNC systems;
The machine has X / Y / Z / C axis, can be linked process to ensure accuracy and surface quality of machined parts;
High-precision spindle unit, maintenance-free life;
Electrical components imported brand products, electrical box standard air conditioning;
Rolls for the industry, can be laser processing; also adapted laser annealing shaft parts;
Can achieve alloying, phase transformation hardening, cladding, welding, cutting and other machining processes (to be configured for a variety of craft laser)
Fully enclosed protective structure, that is safe and practical, but also beautiful novel