72inch SLJ-electric projector screen

72inch SLJ-electric projector screen

Product description:

Our HD Series Motorized Projector Screen (100 Matt White)
*Screen Type: Motorized
*Mount Type: easy to set up, wall and ceiling mounted
High Quality Design -

*Screen Material: matte white, glass beaded and glass fiber .
*Synchronous Silent Motor, to be rolled down to your desired height with the controller
*Dual Control Method: Manual Control, RF (Radio Frequency) Remote Control

*Suitable for All Projectors: DLP, CRT, LCD

**Did You Know - If the surface isn't perfectly flat, your movies will come out distorted**

For High Definition Experience -
*Gain Factor: High contrast 1.1 gain screen optimizes picture quality
*Viewing Angle: can be seen from any angle
*Format & Screen Ratio: Video [4:3], HDTV [16:9]

*Full high-definition rendition, 3D compatible

Brief Introduction for our Matte White Fabric -

The most versatile screen surface and the premier choice when ambient light is controllable. It evenly distributes light over a wide viewing area while colors remain bright and life-like, with no shifts in hue. Screen surface can be cleaned with mild soap and water. Flame retardant and mildew resistant.