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Core Ice Hyun F1 | exhaust fan Notebook exhaust heat sink air-cooled computer base 14 inch 15.6 inch 17

Core Ice Hyun F1 | exhaust fan Notebook exhaust heat sink air-cooled computer base 14 inch 15.6 inch 17
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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: ICE COOREL / Core Dui Bingjue Jue
  • Color classification: black (5V dual-mode intelligent temperature control + manual) black adjustable wind speed upgrade (220V socket power supply) white adjustable wind speed (5V version of the computer USB power supply)
  • By fan configuration: 1
  • Cooling: air-cooled
  • Brand: ICE COOREL / Core Ice
  • Model: Warriors

To buy a pro-love letter:

1. What is the version of this radiator? How long is the power cord?

Version: 5V is the USB power supply, 5V is the USB power supply (temperature control version: when the books to a certain heat radiator automatically open the cooling function), 220V is the power supply (can be straight down 40 degrees, Of calories Oh)

Radiators are auxiliary cooling equipment, different computer cooling effect there will be some differences

Line length: 220V: 1.5m 5V: 50cm

2. Juejue exhaust type radiator for what kind of notebook?

The main outlet in the left and right sides, (as long as the power interface and the cable does not suffer too close to the outlet, not ultra-thin notebook can be used) this product can be placed next to the exhaust, the books in the hot air suck . You can also take away the dust Oh. In order to facilitate the different parts of the interface we will send four silicone mouth, 9cm below can be free to match what Oh?

Radiator sound source:

The sound of the size of the sound with our base is about the same, but the ventilation style is strong winds, so the sound will be higher than the base of the bass is the ventilation of the radiator which is relatively low, but does not mean that there is no sound!

1, the wind speed, the main and the amount of ventilation, the greater the amount of wind, the faster the wind speed the wind will be higher (similar to the car fast and slow when the difference), this is to take good ventilation and sound low To the extent that it is contradictory.

2, duct design, this design should be to minimize the friction of the wind and duct, thereby reducing the friction sound.

Core ice cream on the basis of the majority of customer support and recommendations we made some improvements, as follows:

(Speed ​​range: 2300 rpm - 4300 rpm + -10%), the size of the control of the amount of ventilation is recommended to start the use of the user, in order to quickly cool down to the maximum (4300 rpm) cooling speed, the temperature down after , Transferred to the minimum (2300 rpm) to maintain constant temperature, so that books can keep a reasonable working temperature, but also the sound down.

If you are demanding on the sound, it is recommended that you buy usb version, usb power supply because the power is smaller, the sound will be with the small, ventilated radiator in the effect, easy to carry, better than the ordinary base radiator N Many times, once again to encourage you to experience this notebook radiator magic Oh!