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Red Beige Notebook Case 4G enhanced version of the red cell phone cover the battery cover

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Product parameters:

  • Protective cover texture: plastic
  • Style: back cover
  • Color Category: note curved back cover - white film film note curved back cover - bright black film note curved back cover - blue film film note curved back cover - golden film film note curved back cover - mint film Note Curved Rear Cover - Pink Film Note Curved Rear Cover - Matte Black Membrane Note Silver Silver White Membrane note Silver Silver Membrane Note Memo Pad Note note Silver Silver Memo note Black and black film
  • Style: Simple
  • For mobile phone models: MIUI / millet
  • Model: Red Rice Note
  • Brand: Beck Beck
  • Model: red rice note phone shell back cover

FOR red rice note (5.5 inches)

Red meter Note Battery back cover