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PV Lighting Kits for Large Outdoor Billboards

PV Lighting Kits for Large Outdoor Billboards
  • PV Lighting Kits for Large Outdoor Billboards
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Currently, most of the domestic outdoor billboard powered systems are used special cable, which needs tolay the pipes and dig electrical wells. And some also must be configured a dedicated transformer. It notonly costs so much in construction and it takes long time in construction, but also it takes much time and energy to deal with the approval of electricity and covering disputes. On account of using the high-voltage power supply system, outdoor billboards power management is relatively weak. It may cause an electric shock due to bad weather, and bring great security risk to people's lives. Offgrid solar power systems for outdoor billboards use renewable clean energy solar power to install solar panels on the top of the Billboards directly. Direct current (dc) produced by solar is stored storage battery by photovoltaic controller; At night, it discharges to the load (LED projectlight lamp) by photovoltaic controller. According to the using characteristic of outdoor billboards, it can be sure that the photovoltaic can open automatically and it will close after 5 hours. The system is easy to construct without laying special cables and pipelines. And it is in low investment to cost , easy to maintain and no electricity costs. It can produce generate electricity as long as there is the sun during the daytime . And the energy storage system can ensure the normal power supply in 7 consecutive overcast and rainy days. What is more, donnot worry about electric shock. According to the actual installation location of billboards, the users also can choose solar power and wind power complementary solutions.

Suitable for: Outdoor billboards, such as highway column (single-sided, double-sided, three-sided) billboards, city streets and facades billboards. The This billboard selection criteria of the paper is as follows:

Size: 18 m (length) *6 m (H) , doublesided, column bracket, the height between the end of the billboard screen and the ground is 18m

Source: Billboard dedicated LED floodlight

Projection Method: Billboard projected upward from the bottom of the screen, or projected from the topdown

Quantity: Single 8 totally 16

Floodlight Power: 48W / , the total power (including the driver and loss) is about 800W

Supply voltage: DC24V

System parameters:

(1) If the light control is turned on, it can illuminate 5 hours per night. And it will continue working normally in 7 consecutive overcast and rainy days.

(2) Single Center illuminance (effective flux) meets the demand of 140LM, even the uniformity is more than 0.5.

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