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PV Lighting Kits for Bus Station Billboard

PV Lighting Kits for Bus Station Billboard
  • PV Lighting Kits for Bus Station Billboard
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City bus stop shelter advertising light boxes solar power system: Install solar panels at the top of thewaiting room; Direct curren (dc) produced by solar is stored storage battery by photovoltaic controller; At night, It changes 12 v storage battery dc into 220 v, 50 hz ac inverter (modified sine wave output) by the inverter to provide the power for fluorescent tube (or LED light bar) in the light box. The system is easy to construct without laying special cables and pipelines, so it is in low investment to cost , easy to maintain and no electricity costs.

Suitable for: City Bus stop shelter advertising light boxes.

Selection criteria for the system: size 3.5 m (length) *1.5 m (H) ;

Light Source: 20W fluorescent tube lamp 15;

Requirements: If the light control is turned on, it can illuminate 4 hours per night. And it will continue working normally in 5 overcast and rainy days

The construction of Solarpowered bus shelter advertising light inverter system is simple. Firstly, install the fluorescent lamp according to designed location; And fix the solar panels at the top of the billboard; Then mount the cabinet with battery, controller and inverter to the appropriate location beside or near the billboard . Thus complete the installation of the entire power system. To ensure the long-term normal use for the outdoor billboards , the following appropriate safety precautions must be carried out:

The solar cell panel faces to the sun with inclining angle of 1530 degree . So that it could be the best angle of illumination. At the same time , it can use natural wind and rain to erode the panel surface of the solar panel to prevent deposition of dust and the electricity generation efficiency of the module.

Lightning Protection Design: According to the billboard lightning protection scope of the solar, when using the steel structure of solar panel, it must be connected with the ground. Set the surge protection into the DC input circuit and install surge arresters

Power controller: Must pay attention to insulation, waterproof and anti-theft;

Mounting bracket: Solar panel bracket must be sufficient to withstand such heavy weight of the component. And it must been fully considered about the flexural strength tensile strength, the tensile strength of the support arm and shelters set stainless steel bolt intensity caused by the maximum weight of wind , which the support can bear.

Cable Selection: Since all cable connections between components is used in outdoor, exposed in the sunshine, it must use high temperature resistance and oxidation with UV-resistant cable in order to ensure the normal operation of the system

Compared with the conventional electricity supply system, bus stop advertising light solar power inverter system can save large sums of investment and electricity costs. The designed life of solar panels, solar controllers, inverters and other major components is more than 10 years in general with low maintenance costs. Using deep-cycle lead-acid batteries can guarantee more than 4 years working life in general.