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Integrated PV Lighting Trash Billboard

Integrated PV Lighting Trash Billboard
  • Integrated PV Lighting Trash Billboard
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In recent years, environmental classified ads solar trash can is very popular. It is widely used in urban downtown area, walking street , subway stations, airports and other places.

Environmental classified ads solar trash can is notsimplified pureadvertising media tools. It has public welfare, environmental protection features inherent. Environmental classified ads trash can is no longer a single garbage collection containers. It has a new feature which is far beyond her original concept of trash. Environmental classified ads trash is in company every minute and second with people's lives. It penetrates into every corner of the city, penetrates into every detail of life. Environmental classified ads trash can is all around.

The characteristics of UG Smartenvironmental classified ads solar trash can

1. Without commercial electricity; nowiring; directly replace the traditional trash can, very convenient.

2. Strong overall structure : cabinet bottom piece design , the base can be fixed on the ground , anti-blow, wind force . Environmentally friendly materials, fire alarm : stainless steel , green , and corrosion resistance, wind, fire alarm .

3. Good plasticity of the appearance, customize according to the city's character : The ads trash can is more suitable for local urban culture and landscape with the design in accordance with the local geographic culture , customs , urban features.

4. Release more public service ads to advocate a civilized environment : Double sided display panel from the unique design of theclassified ads trash can provide more environmentally friendly public service ads. Environmental classified ads trash can is an important position for social public morality spiritual civilization.

5. Control the box height: It will make full use of the space as it is integrated the box and the garbage collection container. The height of all environmental classified ads trash can are about 1.70 meters , not blocking vehicles and pedestrians sight. It meet the requirements of urban planning.

6. Fast product updating: Our company has a strong capacity to developand design the advertising trash can according different stages of development of the city . We can develop more, newer and more high-end upgrade productstimely.

7. Changingno gain trash can to cost-effective billboards: not only beautify the environment, but also increase revenue.

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