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Solar Work Lights

Solar Work Lights
  • Solar Work Lights
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1, energy-saving, low power consumption compared to traditional lamps, light healthy lighting LED floodlight can be saving 60% -80 % ;

2, imported chips, to ensure that all LED products with excellent light efficiency performance ;

3, using self-developed and rigorous testing LED driver, to ensure product stability and after-sale maintenance of security ;

4, the use of scientific lamps structure, in line with the cooling requirements of the LED, to ensure the LED life;

5, using high-quality optical diffusion case, so that the light is more uniform, high luminous flux, no glare ;

6, the product durable, easy to damage ;

7, environmental health all energy-saving lamps are mercury, the lights do not contain mercury, no UV radiation ;

8, no flicker, protect eyesight, especially suitable for long hours of studying and working in the light of the environment ;

9, color -rich, optional white and warm white two color temperature effect ;

10, without having to install the product, applicable to all types of mobile lighting such as camping, outdoor activities, emergency lighting and other places .

Mainly suitable for camping, field work, outdoor activities, emergency lighting, and other needs of mobile lighting.