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Cigarette Portable Speaker

Cigarette Portable Speaker
  • Cigarette Portable Speaker
Product code: 25695100001
Unit price: 7.8-9.9 CNY
Reference price: 1.14-1.44 USD
Minimum order: 1000
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Cigarettes Sound (non-Bluetooth speakers) function parameters:

(Size) 88 * 55 * 23MM
(Product weight) 130 g
(Battery) Built-polymer battery (lithium battery) 550mAH
(Frequency response) 150-18000Hz (± 3dB)
(SNR) ≥80dB
(Speaker) 1.77 inches magnetically shielded, 4 ohm
(LINE In Interface) for an original USB cable (comes standard with a good speaker)
(Power input) 5V500MA AC adapter (sold separately)

Socket Description:

(DC-5V) power charging port

(LINE IN) Audio input

(POWER) Power switch

(MICRO SD) TF card or MICRO SD Interface U disk interface headphone jack

Comes with accessories:

1, USB power cable, 3.5mm stereo audio cable into one cable round one.

2, a box.

Function Operating Instructions:

(1) TF card U disk player:

The TF card into the slot (make sure to have your favorite music)
Blue flashing LED indicates playing status
LED blue still represents pause
Off Volume memory function
Off Music memory function

(2) LINE play (connect your phone or computer):

Connect your phone or computer to play the steps:
Speaker opened machine (displaying yellow light), the wife of the speaker audio cable (ie one is 3.5MM plug, the other end is a small USB plug) after removing the audio cable into the phone's 3.5 headphone jack (or computer headphones), the other end of the small USB plug into speakers DC5V / AUX jacks, and then make sure that there is your favorite song, followed by a long press Washing key three seconds to switch it to LINE playing on it.

(3) Radio Status: (need to plug in the charging cable acts as a radio antenna)

After boot press the Pause button (3 seconds) into FM radio function, the USB data cable into the speaker jack after charging, short press the pause button after entering the automatic station search, automatic station search press down song after selectable channel playback.

(4) The state of charge of the play:

Power back on the player
Be flashing red LED turns blue, indicating that the next state to play TF card
Mode switch:
Long press the Pause button after entering the priority status U disk player
Then press the Pause button to enter FM radio play state
Then long press the pause button to enter the TF card playing state
Remove the TF card FM radio function Default Default

Note: Press VOL + is to increase the voice, long press VOL- is to reduce the sound!