Cotton tipped applicators | Medical cotton buds

Cotton tipped applicators | Medical cotton buds

Product description:

Cotton swab

* Pyronema Free, Based on USP/ BP Standards

* Highly Absorbent and Firmly Attached

* Available in wooden, bamboo, plastic and paper sticks

* Length: 3', 4', 6', 8 with wooden, bamboo, plastic, paper stick

* With 100% single cotton tip

* Diam of cotton tip: 2.8±0.3mm




20± 2mm

* Provide a variety of packing

* Packaged in convenient peel offpouches

* Non-sterile packing: 100pcs/ polybag, 100polybag/ carton

* Sterile packing: 100s/ sterilization pouch, 5pouches/ box, 10boxes/ carton

1s or 2s or 5s/ sterilization pouch, 100pouches/ box, 10boxes/ carton

* Or made according to the specifications of an individualpurchase