Hanwang E350A Attendance Machine | Face Recognition Attendance Access Control Machine | Face Recognition Machine

Hanwang E350A Attendance Machine | Face Recognition Attendance Access Control Machine | Face Recognition Machine

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Attendance machine brand: Hanwang / Hanwang
  • Model (20000-1): E350
  • Attendance type: multi-functional one
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  • Access authentication: face
  • After-sales service: Genius

With 6600 mA mobile power package default to send mobile power, the need for U disk, please note that that contact customer service personnel Note:

Upgraded version of E350A added features:

1. Support attendance + access control equipment

2. Data can support automatic upload, no need to manually upload data

3. Identify the core upgrade, identification speed is less than 1 second

Upgraded version of E350A in the recognition response than the E350 upgrade 30%

User Capacity 500 face users Color display 3.5-inch TFT color screen, 65,000 color high-color, 320 * 240 resolution
Recording capacity

100,000 Voice newspaper name

Recognition is successful, the automatic broadcast Chinese name
Recognition algorithm

Dual Sensor V2.6 Touch the keyboard Using the latest touch technology, stylish appearance
Hardware platform

600MHz TI high-speed digital media processor Face Recognition Algorithm

Face recognition algorithm using Dual Sensor V2.6 HW

Dedicated dual camera head U disk to download Upload the user name list through the U disk, download access control attendance records
Ways of identifying

Face recognition, job number face recognition TCP / IP network communication

Through the TCP / IP network to set the device status, and upload and download information; network communication data encryption
Verify the speed

<1 second Voice function

Speech synthesis, reported Chinese name

4 * 4 Touch the button Chinese input

Using the latest Pinyin input method, directly enter the Chinese name
power supply

DC 12V-1A Timed ringing

Provide regular reminders
Use the distance

30-80 cm Administrator rating

According to the administrator level and administrative privileges, divided into senior administrators and administrators
Operating temperature

0℃-40℃ Communication password

Prevents non-administrators from operating and modifying devices

200mm * 95mm * 115mm Access

Support relay switch signal

Wall-mounted, the proposed height 1150mm Access control output

Relay signal