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Lixin LX-66 Binding Machine | Lixin LX66 Electronic Binding Machine

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Product parameters:

  • Binding machine brand: Ericsson
  • Model Number: LX-66

Brand: Ericsson

Name: electric binding machine

Model: LX66

Maximum binding thickness: 100MM

Motor power: 150W

Rated voltage: 220V

Weight: 8KG

Binding thickness: 4-5 cm

specification: Single hole, automatic threading, Only punch, manual binding is required Simple binding

Transmission belt 1 pay, drill chuck switch 1, binding a drill, binding a needle, the motor carbon brush 1 pay.
(The accessory is placed in the left side of the base kit)

LX66 binding machine to use:

Binding method:
When binding, press the presser foot handwheel clockwise to raise the presser foot, place the stapling material under the presser foot, release the presser foot handwheel automatically, and turn the presser footwheel counterclockwise ~ 180°When the needle penetrates into place, the wire arm will automatically hang the thread in the hook groove of the set needle, and then lift the handle upward, and then pull the handle in the direction of the counterclockwise direction. When the needle is ejected, the gutter will release the presser footwheel clockwise after the stapling material is passed, and the stitching will be finished. Repeat the above procedure to complete the binding task.

Upper needle method:

Loosen the fixing screw on the pin device, remove the pin device, put the hook at the end of the needle into the needle fixed hole, keep the vertical, the needle set into the set lever in situ, the pin device Of the set screw tight