16:10 Rui, as up to 100 inch electric screen projector home dedicated projection screen | IL | fiberglass

16:10 Rui, as up to 100 inch electric screen projector home dedicated projection screen | IL | fiberglass

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Curtain Brand: Rui as of
  • Model: RSD-100
  • Curtain material: white fiberglass white plastic
  • Curtain type: Electric screen
  • Curtain type: curtain wall
  • Size: 51 inches (inclusive) -100 inches (inclusive)
  • Ratio: Other / other
  • Gain multiples: 1 times

White plastic screen surface features:

Diffuse reflection screen surface, the effective scattering angle greater than 100 degrees can be cleaned, the brightness factor greater than 0.92, with good color reproduction, viewing angle large, soft light, long viewing fatigue, long service life. The use of advanced processing technology, screen surface physics parameters stable attenuation, green screen surface material without any odor, good screen surface flatness

According to the resolution of the projector

Such as 800x600 or 1024x768 select 4: 3 screen

Such as 800x480, 1280x720, 1920x1080 16: 9 screen

Select the corresponding projector screen can not display case to avoid part of the screen.

Curtain material selection Tips

A, white plastic screen curtain surface color (white)
Gain 1.1, viewing angle> 160 degrees, with good color reproduction, viewing angle large, soft light, long viewing fatigue, long service life, suitable for residential and commercial applications, the most widely used, the price is also the most economical. business projector 2,000 lumens or more home projector 1000 lumens proposed purchase is also widely used in engineering projects, outdoor occasions, KTV, etc., easy scrub.

B, bead curtain curtain surface color (white)
Gain 2.5 to 2.8, viewing angle: 45 degrees, high resolution, color reproduction is good, clear daylight imaging advantages for low-lumen projector, used to increase the brightness of the projection (bead curtain biggest drawback: each use a small amount of bead particles will drop, unable to wipe the screen surface, after a period of time there will be the phenomenon of yellow, each use will consume some spheres, so the effect will be worse the more you use)

C, HD gray plastic screen surface color (gray)
Gray plastic screen gain 1.1, viewing angle> 160 degrees, with high brightness, high contrast, color reproduction is good, clear image, can support 108OP projection imaging field of view angle, soft light, long viewing fatigue, can be scrubbed .

Projector screen maintenance

1) Do not hold or folding screen, you can not touch the screen surface with your fingers or a hard object front, so as to avoid damage. To disable the pointer pointing to outline the screen surface.
2) screen area is appropriate to feather broom to wipe off dust, smudges, heavier, use a cotton ball moistened with water and gently scrub.
3) white plastic screen if dirty, gently wipe with a damp cloth. Bead curtain, can not scrub, wrinkles, such as dust can blow off dust.
4) When the projection screen without the use of, the curtain should roll back protective case.
5) In the course of the event of irregularities, must stop immediately, troubleshooting.
6) electric curtain can often be used, but with each successive use to scroll up and down time can not be more than five minutes, otherwise it will make the motor heat. Shall be required to wait until the continuous use of the motor cooling after use, the motor does not need to add lubricant.
7) support screen should not be used in windy environment. In the process of opening and closing of the tripod, and be careful, and not a sudden crack avoid damage plastic parts.

Odor problems : Projector screen are PVC coating process, due to the non-clothing fabric treatment processes commodities vary, the process may appear odor, naturally after the elimination of the use of a few days, please be assured buyers use.

1, be sure to contact us before buying commodity customer service staff, so as not to take a direct cause unnecessary trouble.
2, projection screen for specific items, please buyers photographed before, to confirm if the product is what you need, make sure the presence of the delivery member unpacking, inspect the goods intact, check the number.
3, since the curtain length is longer, the weight of emphasis on body weight, so each place is different shipping, please contact customer service for detailed inquiry later captured goods, so as not to cause inconvenience, if an urgent need can be photographed, but also need to contact customer ask specific shipping prices.