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Xinfei incense making machine

Xinfei incense making machine
  • Xinfei incense making machine
  • Xinfei incense making machine
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The scopes of incense making machine:

Family incense making machine is a new generation of incense equipmentdeveloped by our company, and the type is hydraulic pillar. Transforming mold can suppress a variety of products like incense, Buddhist incense, bamboo stick incense and others. Simple, quick and easy. The equipment has small temperature difference, the function of holding pressure and automaticpressure compensationreliable. Various models are hydraulic drive, designed according to user specifications. Mainly used in incense to pray to Buddha and other areas of public health. The machines uses bark, bran, sawdust, non-toxic pigments, fragrances and other materials to complete. The incense making machine, low cost, high profits, is the best choice of investing incenseindustry.

The features of incense making machine

1. Less labor required, just one or two loop operation.

2. Using double header, production vary.

3. Compact structure, easy maintenance and operation.

4. customized according to customer specifications, with a simple transport.

5. The design of equipment package is reasonable, effective and efficient, stable, reliable, and easy to operate.