biomass fuel molding machine

biomass fuel molding machine

Product description:

Brief introduction of the biomass fuel molding machine:


All kinds of biomass straw (grass, sawdust, eucalyptus bark, sawdust, straw, corn silage, wheat straw, corn stalks, peanut vine, soybean straw, leaves, cottonseedskin and other roughage and cotton stalks, shrubs, forest waste, etc. )

Biomass fuel molding machine consisted of the hopper, frame, motor, gearbox, roller mold, the machine adopts double wheel, double-hole technology, high-yield than similar products. Users can reduce processing costs, each production line made of the chaff cutter, feeding machines, molding machine.

The features of the biomass fuel molding machine:

1. High capacity, low price, low power consumption, simple operation, easy to move.

2. Material adaptability: suitable for a variety of biomass feedstocks molding, straw and powder about 50mm, moisture content between 5% and30%.

3. Heater features: automatic electric heating device, adjustable humidity of materials to solve congestion and the difficulty of shaping.

4. Pressure roller automatic adjustment function: using the principle of thrust bearingbi-directionallyrotating to adjusttheangle of pressure automaticallywhich make materialsnot crowded group, not boring machine, to ensure the shaping of the material stable.

5. Simple and easy to use: a high degree of automation, less labor, only three people, the use of artificial feeding or automatic feeding convey.